Healthy Habits

Hi, everyone!   My name is John Kopec, and I act as a consulting physician for CHC. Some of you may know me from HDVCH, where I worked in pediatric Critical Care and Sedation until I recently retired.

2020 was a challenging year on so many fronts.  Perhaps now is a good time to make some useful changes in our lives and resolve to make 2021 a better year! CHC is a remarkable place that provides a medically safe area that provides an outlet for play, socialization and education for at-risk kids.  I’d like to suggest some healthy habits for the new year.   I know it’s been difficult during COVID 19.

photo taken pre COVID-19

CHC is a remarkable place…

First, the pandemic is still out there and will be for at least another year. Immunizations are being rolled out, but it will take time.  As best we understand right now, the immunization will not stop from spreading the infection to others, even as it protects you from getting sick.  It will still be necessary to wear masks in public and avoid crowds for some time.  Washing hands frequently is also an important way to help stop the spread.  20 seconds of washing with soap and water is the best!  Use alcohol based hand cleaner if washing is not available.

photo taken pre COVID-19

A good diet is part of staying healthy and helps our immune system work at its best.

A good diet is part of staying healthy and helps our immune system work at its best. Time to cut down on junk food and replace some it with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, three meals a day, and don’t skip breakfast!  Marshmallows are not good breakfast food.  Our gut is an important part of the immune system, and thrives on the fiber from natural foods and grains.

I know exercise has been difficult with gyms and schools closing, but is still important. Schedule time for walking or playing outdoors, or exercise in place, or even a yoga workout will help keep muscles strong and joints limber.

photo taken pre COVID-19

Make ‘nice’ a habit; it will be a benefit
for years to come.

Finally, social health is important, too.  Try to be patient , kind and do something nice for someone every day. Small things do get noticed, like thank you’s, or cleaning up the kitchen or your room.  Make ‘nice’ a habit; it will be a benefit for years to come.  Keep in touch with friends, neighbors and relatives even if it’s by phone, Zoom, or letters. Find time to relax and play- it’s all part of keeping healthy. And, if you are a family with an immunocompromised child, Children’s Healing Center can help you out here.