The verdict is in: Good. Clean. Fun. at the Children’s Healing Center reduces social isolation and loneliness in kids with weakened immune systems and their family members.

From the day we opened our doors, we knew just how important the healing power of play can be. We now have proof! Starting in 2017, we began a partnership with Calvin University Center for Social Research to understand the measurable outcomes around the relief we provide to families. We’re proud to announce our findings were published in the American Journal of Recreational Therapy. Dr. Laura Luchies, who was the lead researcher in our partnership notes:

“Social isolation and loneliness are not simply unpleasant, they are notable predictors of several mental and physical health problems, and even death. The assumption has been that individuals with weakened immune systems could either avoid exposure to pathogens OR socialize with others, but that they could not do both. Our research shows the Children’s Healing Center turns that assumption on its head.”

To read about Children’s Healing Center and the healing power of play, contact Sam Anderson.