What is the Partners in Play Initiative?

Partners in Play is how we fund memberships at the Center. Set up as a sponsorship model, community members can cover a family’s annual membership at the Center.

What does a sponsorship cover?

An annual sponsorship covers your unlimited attendance to all programming and special activities in our safe and clean environment.

How long is the sponsorship for?

Sponsorships are covered on an annual basis and do not necessarily align with a calendar year. The annual sponsorship will begin in the month the match is made and will run through the next 12 months.

What is my families responsibility?

All families are asked to participate in Partners in Play by annually writing a few letters to their sponsor, signing a holiday card and making a craft. Some families may be matched at a level that includes an opportunity to attend a play date at the Center with Partners in Play sponsors.

What do I write in my letters?

Part of what makes Partners in Play so unique is the opportunity for our families to connect with the individuals who fund their Center. We want to make this as easy as possible on our families, so we will be here to help you every step of the way. You will receive email reminders letting you  know when your letter is due, when to have it back to the Center, suggested topics and even a few samples.

Will personal contact information be shared between sponsors and families?

No. All communication between families and donors will funnel through the Center. We will not share either parties contact information.

Is it required that we participate?

Every family has to participate in the initiative at some level. If you are blessed with financial resources, we would love for you to play it forward and sponsor another family.