At the Children’s Healing Center, we say NO to germs and YES to play. Our 7,000 square-foot facility is designed to provide as close to a germ-free environment as possible. We only use vinyl and other easily cleaned materials, HEPA-equivalent, hospital-grade air filtration systems, filtered water, positive pressurization and state-of-the-art technology to maintain a super clean environment. In fact, we go through more than 3,000 disinfectant wipes every year!

In addition to being squeaky clean, the physical design of the Children’s Healing Center was made with kids, siblings and parents in mind. Located near medical centers and bus routes, the Center is wheelchair accessible and provides a community room and lockers to store personal items. The quiet room offers, a calm oasis from play spaces and easy access to bathrooms, sinks and comfortable seating. Our parent lounge allows respite and connection.

The centerpiece of the Center’s programming is the four zones of play that highlight interaction and participation in an open environment.


Technology Zone

A teen favorite, this zone offers a space for tech-based exploration, including a screen for motor sensor fitness games and movie nights. Our theater, stage and photo booth allow kids to express themselves through film and photography in a group setting.


Art and Learning

The Art and Learning room is used for group art and educational projects that encourages exploration, ideation and discovery all while being therapeutic.


Active Fitness

Active Fitness provides room for kids to run, release energy and engage in play. We host a wide variety of fitness classes, group games and sports that the whole family will enjoy.


Exploratory Play

The Exploratory Play room, the hub for exploration and play-based learning, includes fine motor skill activities, reading nooks as well as a mini-Grand Rapids. Complete with a hospital, bank and restaurant, this scale city facilitates dramatic role play and the opportunity to process emotions.

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We make the CHC a convenient experience right from the start. This means being located close to highways and area medical centers. Parking is always available, and our entire facility is easily accessible by foot or wheelchair.

For information on public transportation, visit The Rapid.