The Children’s Healing Center is a “yes” zone.  We break down the barriers of isolation and make play possible.

Getting Everyone Involved: No one feels left out here. Kids, siblings, parents, staff and volunteers are invited to join the many group activities and events we offer. A mix of fun programs, scheduled classes, open play and member-driven programming means there’s something for everyone!

For Kids

To get kids moving, learning and socializing, we created four zones: technology, art and learning, active fitness and exploratory play. Each zone is designed with a unique purpose, allowing kids to try something new, play their favorite games and make friends. The Children’s Healing Center is a space where kids can just be kids.

For Young Adults

Not just for kids, the Children’s Healing Center offers programs for young adults and teens. For 18-26 year olds living with weak immune systems, we offer the Vita Collective. Our AYA (adolescents and young adults) program provides a close-knit community and social activities such as game nights, yoga classes and cookouts.

For Parents

A diagnosis affects the entire family, so we designed the Center with parents in mind, too. The Parent Lounge is a space for parents to connect and share with one another, and includes a flexible work area and coffee bar for your busiest days. We also offer parents’ night out – a casual social get-together for fun and easy conversation.

Research-Based Play

• The average length of treatment is 30 months – which translates to 2.5 years of isolation

• 95% of parents believe the Center promotes social interaction

• 70% of parents believe the Center helps with their child’s perceived pain level

• 45% of parents described their child’s overall mood with a negative adjective before their visit to the Center

• 96% of parents say they feel understood at the Center

• Over 163, 861 minutes of play to date