Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.20.19 AMBecause Kids Can Give Too!

At Children’s Healing Center, we believe kids are powerful and, given the chance, they can make a big impact on the world around them. This Giving Tuesday, we are empowering them to join together in making a difference for our families. Giving Too-sday  is designed to teach kids that no matter what their age is, or how little they think their gift may be, they can make a difference. Our friends at Old Orchard agree, and they are providing a match gift to show these little givers how quickly $1 can turn into $2 when we work together. 

Follow along with Sophie’s story as she learns just how impactful little gifts can be. Check back daily to view new episodes!


Introducing Sophie:


Episode One:


Episode Two:


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 Episode Five:


Episode Six: 


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