Nicole Ribbens

Nicole is a Detroit native, art historian, and Golden Grizzly (Oakland University) alumni. She has led her own summer art camp, hosted story time, and can build anything out of cardboard. Her experience with young adult and adolescent program planning at the local public library and her new role as medical mama, give her a unique skill set to contribute to the Center. Nicole’s days are filled with community outreach, Center programming, leading the CHC Ambassadors and forming medical partnerships.

Nicole was introduced to CHC when she and her husband Dan had a son, Louis.  Louis was born in September of 2016, with Congenital Heart Disease. With the skilled hands of Dr. Haw and the brilliant minds of the Pediatric Congenital Heart Center here in Grand Rapids, Louis is now a pacemaker-depended and thriving toddler. Caring for a child with special medical needs was not something any life experience had prepared her for. The CHC provides her family with continued support through their medical journey, and a safe place to watch her son grow.

Her favorite song is Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. She loves Michigan Pothole ice cream and watching the world through her son’s eyes. Nicole is excited and eager to contribute to sharing the work of the CHC with our community.