Gabriele Stornant

Gabriele is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Psychology (B.S.), and is studying for her Masters degree at Western Michigan Univeristy with a Child Life concentration. She has volunteered at the Center since June 2019, and has had a blast leading fun activities and making friends with all of the children and families at the Center. Before her time at the Center, she was involved in many volunteer, intern, and job opportunities all over the city of Chicago. Since she can remember, she has wanted to love and serve children and families of all backgrounds, and cannot wait to turn this passion into a career.

She loves animals, traveling, cooking, being active, adventuring, and being social with family and friends. She also loves meeting new people and learning new things. Gabriele’s dream is to be a Child Life Specialist and work in a children’s hospital or in an awesome facility such as the Children’s Healing Center