Daneigh Wilde

Daneigh is a senior at Aquinas College and has volunteered with us since the Summer of 2018. Daneigh’s intent was to teach special education, at least the first 2 years of college. Eventually, she realized teaching was not her calling, and then found a passion for working with children who face hardships in their life. After feeling unsure of what career path to take, Aquinas offered the Child Life Program at the perfect time. After some research, she quickly became invested in becoming a Child Life Specialist. Knowing she will be making a difference in a child’s life is what makes Daneigh excited about acquiring this degree.

Besides school, Daneigh works part time for her dad’s real estate business and is the assistant J.V. basketball coach at Aquinas College. She was a basketball player at Aquinas the previous three years. Daneigh has spent most of her free time with family, especially her nieces and nephews.