What is the purpose of the Children’s Healing Center?

The Children’s Healing Center provides a safe, clean place for kids with compromised immune systems to gather, engage with our expert staff, learn and play. We provide a crucial missing component of the holistic healthcare puzzle by providing a space where these kids can fulfill their social, emotional and physical needs. The Center is open to anyone from birth to age 26 who is immune-compromised and their family. Before kids are able to attend the Center, a medical or social work professional must refer them.  Read more about Center qualifications.

Where is the Children’s Healing Center located?

We are located at 1530 E. Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503. Our facility is conveniently located near downtown medical centers and by popular bus routes.

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What is trauma-informed programming?

Trauma-informed programming is built around the recognition that all children who come through our doors are dealing with trauma from a medical diagnosis and that new actions, experiences or events may bring up this trauma. Our staff and volunteers are trained to recognize the signs of behavior that may be connected to medical trauma and can provide other play options that better address a child’s needs in that moment.

What is the facility like?

Our 7,000-square-foot facility has four primary program areas — including an exploratory play area, an active fitness space, a tech zone and an art and learning room — all designed around research-based play.

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How much does the Children’s Healing Center cost?

The Children’s Healing Center is committed to being cost-free for member families. Eligible families may participate in Partners in Play to be matched with a sponsor.

Do I need to sign up for classes?

We offer scheduled classes as well as open-play and member-coordinated programming.

For a complete list of classes and registration requirements, click here.

What is the age limit of the Center?

The Children’s Healing Center is for the whole family and provides activities for kids from birth to age 26.

Do you partner with other organizations?

The Children’s Healing Center is committed to collaborating with area businesses, colleges and universities, medical centers and other nonprofit organizations. The Center complements other children’s services in Grand Rapids, including family resources, housing, medical treatment, and support groups. For a list of our community partners, click here.