Taylor is a student at Aquinas College pursuing her degree in Child Life. She has always had a passion for working and playing with children. She began her college career studying early childhood development, and after some time realized she wanted something that she could be more personally and emotionally involved in. She then switched her major to Medical Case Management, thinking she would use that degree to pursue Pediatric Occupational Therapy, because her second passion is in the Health/Medical field. It wasn’t until she was approached by a hospital employee that she learned about the role of the Child Life Specialist. She finally found the future she always dreamed of in with a specialty in Child Life! Taylor strongly believes that all children need the opportunity to be, act, and think as a child. She’s really excited to aide children and their families in Good. Clean. Fun!

When not in school or at the Center, you can find Taylor working with children in Kids Stuff at MVP or babysitting.