The Storybook

The Children’s Healing Center is a place full of stories.

From the families we serve to our team, volunteers and founder, we all come together to create a beautiful, playful puzzle. Though we provide a physical space for kids with weakened immune systems and their families to play, it goes beyond that. We also foster kid-to-kid and parent-to-parent connections each and every day within our walls. This is the true heartbeat of who we are.

Indeed, since the beginning, we’ve been about connection-we wouldn’t be here without it. Did you know our founder went through cancer treatment at the age of 21? During this time, she met our associate director, whose own young daughter was also going through cancer treatment. Or that four of our team members initially connected with the Center as volunteers or as member families? This connection, founded in hard times, created a community of support- a place to be surrounded by people who understand your situation and will celebrate your milestones. Since then, we have developed a strong culture of fun that has been perpetuated by our kids and families.

Though the faces who walk through our doors may come here from different backgrounds, we’re all seeking the same thing: a place for good. clean. fun. and the healing power play creates.

We hope you will join us as we unfold the small moments- and the big ones- that reveal our true recipe for success: community.

If you have a connection with the Center and wish to share your story, send it here.