Our Mission

Provide a safe, clean, and engaging environment for kids with weak immune systems to interact with others.

Our Vision

Promote social, emotional, and physical healing for kids and their families.


An opportunity to be a part of the real world they are isolated from.

Siblings probably suffer harder than any of us; they are the silent heros.
Gage, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

I am looking forward to referring my patients and their families to the center for some much needed fun activity.
Dr. Beth Kurt, MD Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

I know he would have found so much joy during treatment if there had been a ‘safe’ place for him to interact with kids and his siblings.
Braeden, Neuroblastoma

He didn’t know what to do with other kids in the room or that it was okay to play with kids.
Jake, Pineoblastoma