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Our Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) program provides social gatherings for individuals, ages 18-28, with medical conditions that weaken their immune systems. We provide the opportunity for young adults to be the voice and share empathetic relationships in a fun and causal environment. We host typical social experiences such as barbecues and game nights.    

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He didn’t know what to do with other kids in the room or that it was okay to play with kids.
Jake, Pineoblastoma
Siblings probably suffer harder than any of us; they are the silent heros.
Gage, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
An opportunity to be a part of the real world they are isolated from.
I know he would have found so much joy during treatment if there had been a ‘safe’ place for him to interact with kids and his siblings.
Braeden, Neuroblastoma
I am looking forward to referring my patients and their families to the center for some much needed fun activity.
Dr. Beth Kurt, MD Helen DeVos Children's Hospital