Our Program

Programs kids love.

Here, kids no longer feel left out. Instead they can take part in activities, including exercise, a dance class, a reading group, teen movie night and much more. Our blend of programming can best be described as fitness center meets children’s museum meets after-school club.

Getting everyone involved.

Group activity is one of the best ways to connect kids, siblings, parents, staff and volunteers. We offer a mix of scheduled classes and activities, open play and member-coordinated programming.

Now you can come see your friends at one of our weekly fitness classes. Or stop by after an appointment for a couple hours of free family playtime. Or schedule a parent night with other families you’ve met at CHC. Check our calendar for ways to join the fun.

Three ways we support growth.

To help children grow, inside and out, our programming emphasizes the following three areas:


This helps decrease the isolation kids experience during the treatment and healing process.

Physical Fitness

By increasing strength, coordination and flexibility, we help reduce stress, anxiety and steroid-induced weight gain.


Through hands-on learning and other methods, we help kids and their siblings continue their academic progress.

Community Piechart

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Siblings probably suffer harder than any of us; they are the silent heros.
Gage, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

I know he would have found so much joy during treatment if there had been a ‘safe’ place for him to interact with kids and his siblings.
Braeden, Neuroblastoma

An opportunity to be a part of the real world they are isolated from.

He didn’t know what to do with other kids in the room or that it was okay to play with kids.
Jake, Pineoblastoma

I am looking forward to referring my patients and their families to the center for some much needed fun activity.
Dr. Beth Kurt, MD Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital